Dentistry Services in Seattle


Good dental health starts with regular checkups, visits to the dentist and proper oral hygiene. A person’s everyday routine and habits determine their dental health. However, in case of strange symptoms such as bleeding gums, gingivitis and tooth decay and more, one should always consider talking to a dentist. A dentist is there to ensure that the smile and teeth of their patients are in their most excellent shape possible. Dentists in Seattle ( offer a broad array of services including:


General Dentistry

General dentistry deals with regular services such as cleaning, inspections, dentures, root canal, periodontal services, and fillings. Dentures are done for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Dentures are ideal for those who’ve got missing or sunken teeth and often find it hard to eat particular foods. Dentures can help to improve one’s dental wellness. The common types of dentures offered include partial and full dentures. Periodontal care is ideal to promote healthy teeth. It helps to eradicate common periodontal conditions such as gingivitis and gum diseases. Underneath the outer enamel and in the dentin is the pulp tissue which contains nerves. These nerves run and enter the tooth in canals. When these canals get infected, one is likely to feel intense pain, particularly when eating food. Early examination and treatment are ideal to prevent the infection from spreading. Progressive infection of the root canals can eventually lead to disintegration and falling of the tooth.


Cosmetic Dentistry

This service is done to help transform the overall smile of an individual. Fillings and crowns are often used in cosmetic dentistry. Dental fillings comprise of ceramic, composite, amalgam, gold and more. They are typically used to restore broken teeth due to decay or any other physical damage. The decayed teeth are removed, and space is cleaned. Crowns are also used for the restoration of decayed or fractured teeth. For those who have missing teeth, dental bridges can be used. Bridges refer to false teeth that are used to replace the missing ones. They comprise of alloys, porcelain or gold. Other options utilized in the replacement of missing teeth include veneers and inlays and onlays. Veneers are customized shells that help to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. Onlays and inlays are like indirect fillings that are made in the lab then cemented to the space of missing tooth. Orthodontics and teeth whitening are also performed to improve the cosmetic appearance of one’s teeth.


Emergency care

Emergencies such as accidents and other misfortunes can lead to serious damage to one’s teeth. Emergency care is designed to help such individuals who may be involved in cases such as severe bleeding or a toothache, broken jaws and teeth, lost
dental crowns or fillings, and objects stuck in teeth and more. Anyone that experiences such emergency situations can opt for emergency dental care.



Good dental care is a key to a healthy smile. There are several types of services offered by dentists in Seattle ranging from general to emergency and cosmetic dentistry. Anyone with a dental problem should consider scheduling an appointment with a dentist to help find the most appropriate service. No matter the service, there are several benefits of visiting a dentist.