Pregnancy is the most beautiful moment in any woman’s life. Although the journey has ups and downs, as a woman, you have to understand that it is a normal process. One of the main concerns many young women have when expecting is the rising in numbers in their scale each day as the due date approaches. If you are among these women, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Tips on how to avoid weight gain during pregnancy

1. Divert your cravings to healthy stuff

34t56ytujgfhdgCraving ice cream or ten buggers in a day? Maybe you should start thinking twice about your cravings today. One of the major causes of pregnancy weight gain is junk eating. You become pregnant, you find yourself craving sugar and instead of looking for that sugar in healthier stuff like apples, oranges or bananas we go for sugary professed foods to quench our cravings which are sometimes wrong. It is not wrong to crave things, try to give in once in a while. Do not make it a day to day habit. So, change your whole perspective of cravings and replace them with healthy stuff. This not only satisfies your sweet tooth but makes you maintain a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

2. Eat when hungry

Is this new to you? Well, you should implement this into action if you want to maintain a healthy weight in your pregnancy avoiding unnecessary weight gain. Eat when hungry, simple. You do not need to eat if your body does not need food. Our bodies have a way of automatically telling us stuff. We go to the restroom simply because our bodies tell us to. Don’t we? This is what should be applied in our eating during pregnancy. Piling food on top of another food eaten ten minutes ago can lead to constipation and weight gain. Eat healthy meals and do so only when hungry.

3. Stop eating for two

Who said your tiny baby needs extra buggers each time you eat? Eat when hungry and eat until full. Do not overeat thinking that the extra food is for your baby. That extra food could be the weight you are piling on your scale. Your baby gets pretty much each and everything when you eat normally and until full. Problems happen when you start starving yourself or eating less. So eat until full and come back later for more when hungry again. You will save yourself extra weight this way helping you lose weight faster after delivery.

4. Be active throughout your pregnancy

3456utrhdtsrEating and sitting will not help you gain a healthy weight overall. You need to wake up and get going. We do not recommend you enroll in a gym, all we ask is that you keep your blood going. A slack body is more likely to pile on weight than a pregnant woman who at least walks a few miles twice a week. It helps to be active. However, if your pregnancy is high-risk swimming and gentle yoga can all keep things going as long as you get an OK from your doctor.

Pregnancy is a good time for all pregnant women and gaining weight is also normal. The only way to be on the safe side is to make sure your doctor is OK with the weight you are gaining. Always consult your doctor before doing anything because the weight is nothing compared to the life of your baby.